6 Tips: Youth and Entrepreneurial Success

A birthday card from my in-laws (thanks Jan & Russ—Russ owns A+ Handyman of Noblesville) included three tips for staying young:

  1. Exercise Regularly;
  2. Maintain a Balanced Diet; and
  3. Lie About Your Age
The card provided a good chuckle and an opportunity for some morning reflection.  So, I grabbed my MacBook Air and some local Brunchies Blend brew and sat down to pen some “brilliance.”  Or step back and see how things are going.My Christmas list included three things.  One, to get back to my triathlon training weight.  This is and is not overly aggressive, something attainable by simply increasing training time and adding variety.  My daughter is rehabbing from an injury so we added time together at the gym, doing some swimming, cross training, weights and spinning.  But last month, bronchitis and the flu slowed things down; recovery and base building are on the menu this month.

Item two was eating healthier.  I seem to be a groundhog in a family of squirrels.  I eat a cookie and gain a pound, they eat a box of cookies and lose one.  Even so, Ive noticed how much processed stuff I eat.  So for Christmas I decided that this year, I was going to eat stuff that comes from the earth (for the most part) for thirty days.  This will be a challenge in a family that includes 5 outings for soccer a week, 2 for basketball, 3-4 for cheerleading, 1 for tennis, all on top of piano, homework, church related events, etc.  That means I haven’t started yet; check back this summer!

I started my first business after getting a regular paycheck for less than 9 months.  My second company came after being on the payroll for less than 24 months.  And there have been others along the line as well, short and long runs, successes and failures.  It can be said a million ways, but the benefits of entrepreneurship hinge on belief, hope and love.  Belief in yourself, and why you do what you do; hope in the success of the venture (or adventure); and love of what you’re doing, and those you’re doing it for.

Without those, it can feel like just hard work.

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