Firm Overview

Chris McGrath has over 25 years experience working in, on, and for small businesses. He has started and operated an auto racing team, residential and commercial real estate companies, a consulting group, a law firm, and a motorsports marketing company.

McGrath, LLC sprung from the firm Chris McGrath helped found in 2001, Mandel, Horn McGrath, P.C. There, in addition to serving a select group of business clients, McGrath had a diverse litigation practice. McGrath has tried cases before both judges and juries in State and Federal Courts in Indiana in a variety of practice areas, including contract, insurance, civil rights, premises liability, construction defects, and premises liability, among others, including defending first party insurance and bad faith claims.

McGrath, LLC is dedicated to serving small businesses and their owners in a variety of ways. First, through incorporation and general counsel services. Here, Chris McGrath serves to provide guidance and day-to-day legal advice, as though you had an attorney in house. “Resolve issues before they become problems,” says McGrath. Day-to-day issues involve contract reviews, leases, procedures, policies, employee matters, liability reviews, and other elements.

The second is through contract negotiation and drafting, and if necessary, mediation. Chris McGrath became a registered mediator in 2008 and over the years has participated in hundreds of mediations. “Negotiation and resolving conflict requires the ability to spot issues, to think creatively, and to create space for the best outcome. Sometimes, these are not necessarily purely legal positions derived from the adversary process, but practical solutions to real world problems” McGrath points out.

Finally, McGrath provides commercial litigation services. “In addition to having experienced the day-to-day highs and lows of running a business, the benefit of arguing to and before judges and juries gives me a unique perspective when it comes to assessing courses of action and their possibility of success. I also use the experience when I’m drafting contracts,” McGrath notes. Litigating an issue can be an expensive endeavor, but depending on what is at stake and others’ positions, it may be necessary to enforce or defend a position in court. “These are business decisions, but it’s nice to know that you can make a decision with someone who is comfortable in your office and the courtroom.”

McGrath, LLC is dedicated to supporting the advancement and achievement of its clients. The firm represents businesses of a variety of corporate structures, including closely held businesses, limited liability companies, and S corporations. Chris McGrath has helped numerous business owners and can assist you in addressing business set-up, employment concerns, contract negotiation and drafting, business litigation and dispute resolution, business succession and exit planning, and financial concerns.

McGrath’s core values are faith, passion, service and loyalty. If you need the counsel and advocacy of an experienced entrepreneur and business law attorney like that, contact McGrath, LLC or request an appointment today.