Are You Ready for Some (Hoosier) Football?

bottomofnewsletterWhere did summer go?  Well, it’s not quite over yet.  But admittedly, one of the nicest things about seeing summer’s setting glory is anticipating the rise of football season.  The return of Big-Ten college football just may be the perfect transition between summer and fall.

A little over an hour’s drive from Carmel in Bloomington, Indiana University’s football season prepares to kick off another exciting year.  On August 29, 2013 the Hoosiers host the Indiana State Sycamores at Memorial Stadium.  Last year’s matchup resulted in a 7-point Hoosiers win, so this year’s matchup brings an even pairing on IU turf and a chance to maintain the winning record.  Despite that initial win, Hoosier’s football dealt with a series of razor thin losses in last year’s season, including ones to Ball State and Michigan State.  This may be the season that ushers in a Hoosiers comeback!

Die-hard fans will have to wait until close to Thanksgiving for the perpetually epic faceoff with Purdue, but there still will be plenty to look forward to before then.  A majority of the team’s starters return for this season, including several contenders for the starting quarterback spot.

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