Client Profile: Stefan Wilson

As a business attorney and a former business owner myself, I’m passionate about helping my clients achieve success. And I help businesses large and small, with clients in a variety of different industries.

Having operated a professional auto racing team in the Indy Racing League, Indy  Lights, Toyota Atlantic, and Formula 2000, I have a special connection to the industry and am honored to help one of my clients—and good friend—Stefan Wilson.

Stefan has been racing since the age of 9, when he began following the example of his older brother and father, both of whom have raced. His brother currently competes in IndyCar, and Stefan is excited to join him on the track one day.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed Stefan experience some of the proudest moments of his exciting career. In 2007, he won Young Driver of the Year and soon after tested in the McLaren Formula 1 car. He has also won IndyLights races at Toronto and Kentucky. Outside of driving accomplishments, Stefan regularly visits Riley Hospital and gives car rides to children in need, something he says is “very rewarding.”

Stefan’s first and foremost goal is to win Indy, something that I hope to help him achieve in any way I can.

It may seem surprising that a racecar driver might need a business attorney, but it certainly is necessary. There is so much more to racing than simply putting on a helmet and jumping into a car. In order to drive, there are a number of things that happen behind the scenes, or business deals to be negotiated. For example, I have worked with Stefan to finalize important contracts with race teams and sponsors.

According to Stefan, “I did well in school, but there are times where the discussion gets a little hard to understand. And it’s reassuring to know that if it’s going over my head, it’s not going over Chris’s. He’s always given me 100%, and he always makes time to follow up and keep me in the loop on important matters. I don’t know anyone else that could give that level of dedication for a client.”

I’m always glad to help Stefan navigate the complex business matters involved in racing. By not having to worry about the business side of things, Stefan can get back to doing what he does best: racing.

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