Commercial Courts Established in Indiana

On June 1, 2016 the following courts began accepting specialized dockets of business cases.  Known as “commercial courts,” they are part of a pilot project in which business parties can agree to have their disputes resolved.

  • Allen Superior Civil Division Judge Craig Bobay;
  • Elkhart Superior 2 Judge Stephen Bowers;
  • Vanderburgh Superior Judge Richard D’Amour;
  • Floyd Superior 3 Judge Maria Granger;
  • Lake Superior Judge John Sedia; and
  • Marion Superior Civil Division 1 Judge Heather Welch

This pilot project, established by the Indiana Supreme Court, aims to (1) establish judicial  structures  that  will help  all court users  by  improving court efficiency;  (2)  allow  business and commercial  disputes  to  be  resolved  with expertise, technology, and  efficiency;  (3) enhance the  accuracy, consistency, and  predictability of decisions  in business and commercial cases; (4) enhance economic development  in  Indiana by furthering the efficient, predictable resolution of business and commercial law disputes; and (5) employ and encourage electronic information technologies, such  as  e-filing,  e-discovery, telephone/videoconferencing, and al employ early alternative dispute resolution interventions.

Commercial courts are relatively new, having first appeared in 1993.  They are available in about 20 states.

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