Help for New Year’s Resolutions…

Here are “10 Signs You Won’t Reach Your Resolutions This Year” by Ellen Goldman.  I expected that it would be a list,which would be a downer to this would be optimist, but to my surprise the article includes some good tips to turn the signs around.  For example if you don’t have a tracking system, she recommends getting a journal or some other means of tracking your results.  She also makes recommendations for what to do if you lack support or if you make the same resolution every year.

Here is my by no means certified take, that I picked up on through Tune Consulting, which is owned by my pal, Chip McLean.  He has a lot of great tools on the site for planning and tracking goals, but they simply scratches the surface.  Since our beliefs drive our behaviors, in order to meet our resolutions (that is, to change) we need to examine the beliefs that drive our behaviors.  This can be challenging, time consuming, yet worthwhile stuff, like the success those Biggest Loser contestants experience after Jillian yells at them and they cry.
If you see signs of your resolutions failing, as 85% of us do, then you may consider moving beyond the action and behaviors, and trying to discover potentially hidden assumptions about your beliefs that impact how you see the world, and yourself in it.  This burns new paths in the brain, and takes change or resolutions to a deeper level.  And change, from the inside out, is the key to success.
What is your resolution?  Are you on track?  If not, do you know why?
Enjoy the rest of your week.
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