Holiday Giving and Wishes

PrintAs I was driving to a hearing recently I learned some stunning facts that changed the Firm’s approach to greeting cards this Christmas.  Following is a summary and what we’re doing as a result.

Some children walk for hours each day to get water. They get up in darkness and can be subject to dangers along the way.  I never had considered that this survival robbed kids of their childhood.  Elsewhere today, a family will battle dogs, pigs, rodents and vultures for food in a dump. I never considered that this robs them of their humanity.

According to Angel Aloma, Executive Director of Food for the Poor, it takes six cents per day to feed a child in the third world.  $50 will feed a family for a month.  Water wells can be built in or near parched villages for less than $5,500.   These wells will bring water, but are also building blocks of dignity, childhood and humanity.

I attended the court conference with about 2 dozen other attorneys dealing with alleged defects in a very nice home–real problems in our area.  In her book, “7,” author Jen Hatmaker contrasted this with “the rest of the world [begging] for intervention with their faces pressed to the window, watching us drink our coffee, unruffled by their suffering.”

That image is as applicable across the world as it is across town.

Gus Lloyd, the show’s host, had a creative take on raising funds.  He totaled up costs of chicks, pigs, goats, fruit trees, and split up the cost of the well into its different components.  The sustainable component registered with me.  It turns out you can buy quite a bit for a dollar a day.  So we did and donated to Food for the Poor.

Lloyd backed up his far flung help efforts with a local component.  We did that too, and donated to the St. Maria Goretti HELP program, which just fed, clothed and provided presents for 175 families in Hamilton County and Indianapolis last weekend.

Hopefully Santa brings you everything you need and some of what you want.  To the extent that included a greeting card from me, let me know (I bet it didn’t).

From the law factory we wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND PEACE IN THE NEW YEAR.

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