Illegal Possession or Consumption of Alcohol is not like a Traffic Ticket — Hire an Attorney to Protect Your Rights

It’s finally summer in Indiana and time for parties, outdoor concerts and sporting events, and a long break from school. Sometimes these events end with the arrests of individuals under the age of 21 for illegal possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor (sometimes called “underage consumption/possession” or “minor consumption/possession”). If this has happened to your son or daughter, he or she probably received a summons or a ticket with the charge written on it and an order to appear in court on a certain day and time. It might be tempting to look at the ticket and figure that, just like a traffic ticket, it would be easy just to go to court on your own, admit guilt, and pay the fine. However, an illegal possession or consumption of alcohol charge is much more serious than a traffic ticket and having a lawyer from the outset is very important for someone facing this charge. A traffic ticket is an infraction or ordinance violation, but an illegal possession or consumption of alcohol charge is a Class C misdemeanor that can carry up to 60 days in jail and up to a $500 fine. And, if the consumption of alcohol occurred while operating a vehicle, the court may, and in some situations must, suspend the driver’s license for up to one year.

A defense lawyer works only for the person charged and advocates for his or her best interest.  Her sole focus is to obtain the best possible result in the case.  The State must disclose evidence to the person charged; the lawyer should review that carefully to to see what, if any, defenses might be available.   All criminal charges should be taken seriously, even if they may seem minor. Click the “Schedule Now” button in the contact window alongside this post, or call Jill Acklin at 317-848-6187. You may also email