On Free Consultations…

“People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.” –Simon Sinek.

Many attorneys offer free consultations. They do so to attract and meet potential clients, learn about their legal problem(s), build rapport and ultimately, in the parlance of one legal marketing book, “capture” clients.

We do not generally give away consultations, not because there is anything wrong with doing so (there is not) or because they don’t work (they can be effective for certain attorneys and practice areas). Even so, I do spend time on the phone and in person with potential clients and referral sources, and helping those who cannot otherwise afford legal advice.

I view my purpose as supporting the advancement and achievement of others. Here at the law factory, that is through counseling small businesses and their owners, litigating cases in court, and mediating disputes.

Toward that end we use a basic process at initial conferences that involves listening to the facts, asking questions, and if necessary identifying the need for more information. We apply the law to the facts as presented, and point out additional legal research that might be necessary. We can also use the time to identify, and even weigh, potential strategies and/or outcomes, the need for our present or future involvement, and the potential time and expense that might be involved if we do. Rapport is a natural by-product of a process that allows our clients to decide how to proceed.

And in the event we are hired to perform the work discussed in the conference, we credit the fee for the time spent to the engagement.

Clients are to be helped, not captured.

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I'm a Carmel, Indiana business attorney providing business counsel, commercial litigation and mediation services based on over 20 years of experience. My firm is founded on a principle of supporting others' advancement and achievement, and my core values are service, passion, faith & loyalty.Chris McGrath's Google+ Profile