Practice Areas

At McGrath, LLC, everything that Chris McGrath does is about supporting your advancement and achievement. With 20 years of personal experience owning, counseling, and representing businesses, Chris McGrath understands the unique financial and legal obstacles that you face as a business owner. By authentically engaging with you and your business and learning what, why, and how your business operates, Chris McGrath is able to better understand and address your needs. Chris McGrath is passionate about solving your legal and financial problems utilizing both his legal training and his business experience in a variety of industries.

In his general counsel practice, Chris McGrath works with you to spot day-to-day issues in a variety of areas, such as company procedure, contracts, leases, employee matters, liability, and others, taking care of them before they become serious problems. If a legal problem does arise, Chris McGrath, a registered mediator with extensive training, can use negotiation and mediation to find creative, practical solutions to the issue. If litigation becomes necessary, Chris McGrath will be there to fight for you and your business using more than a dozen years of experience in the courtroom.

Chris McGrath will fully engage with you and your business by taking a prepared, proactive approach that build relationships. Planning and implementing effective legal strategies today can prevent having to put out fires down the road. McGrath, LLC offers a variety of services to help you successfully navigate a sea of legal issues:

General Counsel



Because Chris Mcgrath understands that business owners have to balance the costs of legal services with a host of other financial obligations, he works to help however possible. He assists business owners in creating a budget for legal expenses required and uses alternative fee agreements. Many of his clients utilize the firm’s general counsel services by paying a flat rate on an annual basis. Chris McGrath’s top priority is providing a satisfactory, cost-effective legal result for you.