General Counsel

Identify and take care of issues before they happen.

Chris McGrath, of McGrath, LLC, is committed to the success of you and your business. Chris McGrath’s over two decades of experience in various industries as a business owner and business law attorney give him the tools and skills necessary to effectively help you.

Through his general counsel practice, Chris McGrath has learned that genuine engagement with your business is the best route to effectively preventing and solving problems. With a more detailed impression of your business, including what, how, and why your company operates, Chris McGrath can better provide you with advice and guidance regarding the daily issues that your business faces, serving you as though you had an in-house attorney.

Chris McGrath believes that taking a proactive approach is most beneficial to your business. Planning ahead and fostering a good working relationship with your attorney can help avert crises down the road. Chris McGrath can identify any potential issues that your business faces now and in the future, working to take care of them before they become problems. He can review your company’s legal situation to find out what is and is not benefitting your business and pinpoint items that need to be addressed.

Chris McGrath is dedicated to providing business owners with service that furthers their achievement. To do this, he gives general counsel and support in a variety of areas, including business set-up and dissolution, employment concerns, financial concerns, and business succession and exit planning.

  • Business Set-Up:
    Do you know how your business will be run, now and in the future? Chris McGrath works closely with you to set up your business legally and appropriately. He lets you know your legal options for company structure and helps you determine which is best for your business. Chris McGrath can draft agreements to benefit your business, including shareholder agreements, operating agreements, company bylaws, and others. When setting up a business, Chris McGrath encourages every business owner to have a business plan and can help you write an effective plan.
  • Employment Concerns:
    Chris McGrath works to address employment issues before they turn into problems. He can draft comprehensive, legally enforceable employee agreements, non-compete agreements, and employee manuals according to the needs of your business. Chris McGrath can examine your business for gaps in insurance and unnecessary liability in order to prevent potential problems in the future.
  • Business Succession and Exit Planning:
    What will happen to your business after you leave the company? As a business matures, business succession planning becomes increasingly important. You want competent, capable people to become the future leaders of your company, and Chris McGrath can help you put in place the policies to retain and develop your best employees. If you are planning to sell your business or your interest in the business, Chris McGrath will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to effectively exit the business.
  • Business Dissolution:
    Indiana law has in place a statutory framework for dissolving a business, and business owners should consult an experienced attorney to ensure that their business is dissolved properly under state law. Chris McGrath will assist you in dissolving your business legally and appropriately while also minimizing the liability of individual shareholders.
  • Financial Concerns:
    As a former business owner himself, Chris McGrath understands and has experienced first-hand the financial challenges that business owners often face. Using his business and legal experience, McGrath helps you address and solve cash flow issues, funding concerns, and other financial matters. In addition, he can review your business to recommend ways to streamline payments, smooth out cash flow, and ensure that the business is financeable.

If you need general counsel from an attorney passionate about your business’ current and future success, call or request an appointment with Chris McGrath today.