Advocacy when you need it.

Sometimes, litigation is the only way to protect or defend your company’s interests. If that is the case, you need someone who knows the law and how to apply it in the courtroom and someone who knows your business. I have litigated cases in Indiana state and federal courts for nearly 13 years. A lot resolve without a trial, but I’ve also tried quite a few to judges and juries alike.

I have litigated on behalf of insurance companies regarding the interpretation of different types of policies. I have also defended their insureds in a number of contexts, ranging from personal injury auto cases to business premises liability and defense of governmental entities. I have also represented small businesses seeking to protect their interests in a number of different areas, including non competition, breach of contract, and business torts.

Approaching litigation from a business perspective is important. It’s necessary to control fees and expenses. Therefore, it’s necessary to periodically evaluate the case and its prospects for success. Litigation is frequently a business decision, and I have the experience to effectively advise and represent your businesses and its needs.
If you need litigation support from an attorney knowledgeable about both your business and the courtroom, contact Chris McGrath, of McGrath, LLC, today.