Solve problems efficiently.

Many contracts and courts today require mediation or some form of alternative dispute resolution as a means to efficiently resolve disputes and to control court dockets. Everyone at a bargaining table understands that they are there to obtain their “best deal.” But successfully resolving those positions requires understanding, study of the negotiation process, conflict resolution techniques, leadership skills, creativity, and patience.

Chris McGrath has been a registered Indiana mediator since 2008. He has participated in hundreds of mediations over the course of his legal career. He is certified in leadership training and facilitates classes in the area of leadership and personal development. McGrath’s blend of experience, business accumen, and training allows him to spot issues and envision creative solutions for legal positions. This combination helps parties achieve mutually beneficial ends without the cost, uncertainty, and delay associated with protracted litigation.

These same tools can be employed to assist you as a party at a mediation.

If you need an attorney experienced in negotiation and mediation and committed to your success, contact Chris McGrath or request an appointment today.