Recruiting new hires with online tools

Online recruiting - Chris McGrath, Attorney At Law - McGrath, LLCMy, how times are changing. A recent article in the New York Times reports that more and more companies are now turning to technology to recruit new hires.

Despite high rates of unemployment, many companies are desperate to fill jobs. Traditional methods of recruitment, such as advertisements in local media, have proved unsuccessful for some of these companies, including Zillidy (one company whose CEO was interviewed for the article).

When Zillidy’s CEO searched LinkedIn to fill a position, however, he found several candidates, one of which he hired a week later. “I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me sooner,” he said.

The article offers a variety of helpful tips for business owners seeking to use new methods for recruiting top talent.

Utilize the right tools:

LinkedIn, a social networking website for professionals, is a great tool for recruitment. The website, as of this year, has 200 million members. By searching the profiles of LinkedIn members, recruiters can find qualified candidates, both active and passive (those “who are not actively looking but might be interested in the right opportunity”). Note that there are different levels of membership for LinkedIn, and some levels, such as the Recruiter membership, will grant greater access to profiles and better search functionality. That being said, it may not be necessary to pay to find good candidates.

Indeed and Glassdoor, two job listing sites, are also used by companies to attract applicants. On both of these websites, companies have the option to advertise their job listings, targeting ideal candidates.

Make your company and brand stand out:

Today, many top candidates are looking for not only the right job but also the right cultural fit.

According to the article, “Tech companies competing for engineers do this well. The careers pages on their Web sites are often filled with photos of employees wearing funny hats and videos spoofing MTV Cribs or Star Trek in hopes of conveying the right quirky offbeat sensibility.”

Make sure that your job listings and/or company careers pages align with the image you want to portray of your company, brand, and positions.

Don’t forget about tried-and-true methods.

Using the Internet to attract the best candidates does not mean that companies should totally abandon older, more traditional methods of hiring. Many of these tried-and-true methods still work and remain important. After finding candidates on LinkedIn, for example, it can be very beneficial to talk with them on the phone to get a better idea of their suitability.

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