The Long and Short of It…

What’s Next?

Divorce is inevitably accompanied by change. Oftentimes, it seems as though divorce changes every aspect of life. Some of these changes are welcomed while others may cause fear. But the forced opportunity to make these changes can be liberating.

Any season of change, overwhelming as it may be, offers a great opportunity for self-reflection. It can be scary to face a future with so many uncertainties but what better time to redefine your priorities and goals? Perhaps you are having to change jobs to meet increasing financial demands, or even go back into the workforce after staying home – what a great time to pursue the career you’ve recently discovered you may love. Or maybe you’ve always wanted your kitchen to be bright yellow; maybe running a marathon is on your bucket list. It is empowering to map your future from a new perspective. Change is inevitable, take control and use it to your advantage. Consider using a divorce coach to help with this transition.

If children are part of your divorce, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the thought of not seeing your children everyday as you may be accustomed to. Having that time while they are with their other parent is a great opportunity to attack your to-do list so that the time you do spend with your children is focused on creating memories. How many times have you had to say “I don’t have the time” in the past? Now you can refocus your time – train for that marathon; read a book; take up a new hobby; or just relax and enjoy some time for yourself.

Divorce isn’t just an end; it’s a beginning.