The Power Behind a Simple Question

Stuck in a rut? Need to brainstorm? You can do this simple exercise with a friend or colleague, or even by yourself.

  1. Ask: “What is on Your Mind?” What are you wondering, dreaming, and/or concerned about? Some people also may say, “what keeps you up at night,” but my thought is that question unnecessarily steers the response to the negative.
  2. Ask: “Why?” Prepare to spend some time on this one. It is helpful to have someone who knows you and with whom you’re comfortable in the conversation—to help define, but also to possibly challenge and then affirm your response. 
  3. State what you want
  4. Ask: What are you going to do to get what you want? I prefer trying to identify this in terms of what is the least you could do in furtherance of what you want?
  5. Ask: What do you need to stop doing?

Finally, ask for some support, it helps to have someone to check in with.

I used the process with a friend recently, concerned that I needed to be more efficient with my time in order to attract and retain the types of clients I want to work with. Among other things, I resolved to: 1) blog regularly, and 2) to unsubscribe from emails that, while perhaps interesting, distract me from my work in favor of those that provide benefit to my life and work.

Hope that helps.

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